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The Women’s March Is Holding A Convention

A bunch of feminists decided to get together for a gripefest. This sounds fun. Here’s just a few of the informative highlights to come later this month in Detroit:

  1. When They Go Low, We Go Local
    A panel of elected officials and campaign strategists will break down the tactics used by Republicans used to gain power after Obama’s election, focus on why state elections matter, and discuss what Democrats need to do right now to reverse the trend.
  2. How to Organize a Protest/Rally in less than 24 Hours!
    Rapid response is a critical piece of organizing. In an era where disastrous executive orders and acts of violence are weekly occurrences, it is increasingly urgent that our movements are able to move quickly in response. Learn how to organize an effective action with limited time for preparation.
  3. GOTV Phone Bank
    The Women’s Convention will be taking place during a critical GOTV season in Virginia and New Jersey. This session will be a phone banking training with hands-on experience; after a brief but comprehensive training, participants will engage in virtual GOTV efforts targeting Virginia and New Jersey.
  4. Online Security: Tips for Assessing Threats, Troubleshooting Trolls, Bots and More
    This session will share practical tips and tactics that individuals and organizations can use to distinguish threats from pests, while maintaining your messaging and combating hate.
  5. Self Defense and Healing: Security for Self and Community
    IM WISE (international Muslim Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment) will lead a self-defense and empowerment training organization to confront gender-based, racial and anti-Muslim violence, with a perspective on how martial arts can be used in social movements as a form of community organizing and liberatory education.

That last one is a real doozy. Why do they need martial arts training? Do any of them plan on drop kicking the first guy who says hello?

I wonder if @scrowder and @NotGayJared plan to pull out the wigs and crash this crazy feminist utopia.

If you need a laugh today, check out the full schedule here.

About Nikki Bits

Growing up, my parents rarely discussed politics. When they did, it was usually my dad ranting about how republicans are evil,greedy, and racist. My father was literally raising me to be a democrat and discouraged any political opinion that did not fall in line with the democratic agenda. One year, I was even yelled at for agreeing with Newt Gingrich. Somehow, I had always known my political views did not fit in the community. I hardly ever commented on politics or conspiracy theories for fear that I would lose the few friends I was allowed to see. I did well in Civics class and even began watching more news to be better informed about current events. That did not work very well. It was not until I met my husband that I realized republicans were not as bad as I previously been led to believe. I submerged myself in politics and found that I have a passion for policy. The first two laws that I publicly opposed were the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill. I will be digging into Common Core legislation soon. In the meantime, I continue to follow and support establishment challengers who seek to return traditional American values to our legislative process.


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