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The Women’s March Is Holding A Convention

A bunch of feminists decided to get together for a gripefest. This sounds fun. Here’s just a few of the informative highlights to come later this month in Detroit: When They Go Low, We Go Local A panel of elected officials and campaign strategists will break down the tactics used by Republicans used to gain … Continue reading

What a moron

So racism is cool again as long as it’s the victim committing the crime?

Election 2016

This election season has been nothing less than a 5-ring circus. On the right, we had Donald Trump of all people spew lies about his opponents and whine about not being treated fairly until he wore everyone else down. On the left, we were told to vote for Hillary Clinton because it was her turn. … Continue reading

The American Election Has Become A Dumpster Fire

Turn on the television or radio these days and, with in the first 3 minutes, you’ll hear one politician or another begging for your vote. The usual lines are “Vote for me because the other guy hates capitalism” or “Vote for me because my opponent believes in crony capitalism.” I also like “Don’t vote for … Continue reading

Oh look, another one bits the dust…or is close to it.

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